The ultimate Roblox game guide : Teleporting Between Two Places

Teleporting can not only get you from one place to the next without having to use the website, it can also get you from one game to another. You will find this service listed under the asset service selection

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You can call upon the teleporting services with a script or local script. This function is going to allow the script to turn the player into an object so that it can be moved. Like many of the functions that you will use when you are using teleporting, you are going to need to have an id in place for where you are wanting to move your character. If your destination is in the same game, then you can teleport from your current place to the id of the place that you are wanting to go. In order to get the id, you are going to go to the game explorer and right click. From here you can copy the id to the clipboard so that you are sure that you are not missing a number.
If all else fails, you can get the id from the Roblox website.

Valid destinations
There are some limitations to where you are able to teleport. You are only able to teleport inside of the same game or to the starting place of a new game.

As you go about moving a character, you are going to discover that it is not as simple as it sounds. There are often times going to be obstacles in your path that you are going to need to find a way around. If you just try and keep going, you are most likely going to end up getting your character stuck. Other times, you are going to notice that your character needs to be moved to a specific point. That is where the pathfinding service is going to come in handy because it is going to create a nice clean path for you to be able to follow.

When you are using the pathfinding service, you are going to use the path object. This will be a series of points that will have a starting point as well as an ending point to ensure that the path is completely clear. If there is not a clear path, then a new path will be made.
Creating the path
The computer is going to make the path that your character is going to follow using the computerawpathasync function. There are three things that the computer is going to need in order to get the path. First it is going to need the end of the path, next it will need the start of the path, and the last thing it needs is the maximum distance that the path is going to be allowed to be.

The path finding services is going to evaluate the path to make sure that there is not going to be anything in the way. This status will be put under the status of the path so that you can view it and determine if the path can be used or not.
Failfinishnotempty: the path failed to compute because an ending point was not entered. Success: the path was found successfully and can be used. Failstartnotempty: there is not start point therefore the path was not computed.
Closestnopath:the path is not real and you need to go to the closest one
Closestoutofrange: the max distance is out of range and the path is going to be returned to the closest point that can be achieved inside of the maximum distance that is set.
The path will be what determines if you are able to use the path or if you have to reconfigure it with a set of new parameters. You may even need to choose a different behavior for your character to follow.

Using the path
The path is going to be nothing more than a table of points that is read by the get points coordinates method. The table will store all the points from start to finish in order for the path to be followed.
You should remember that this service is not going to make your character move, all it will do is show you the path that he or she is allowed to follow. In order to move along the path you will need to use your move functions.

Since playing Roblox is going to be dynamic, there could end up being things that land in the path that you are using even after you have created it. The path will then need to be recalculated so that the object can either be removed or the path can be modified. You need to know that if you recalculate your path, it will be very expensive and therefore you should only do it if you absolutely have to.
To check the path, you can use the checkocclusionasync function. In using this function, you are going to be checking to see if there are any points in the path that have become obstructed. If it turns out that there is an obstruction, then the index for the path will be listed as to where it has been obstructed. In recalculating the path, you are going to be able to get around the obstruction without getting too far off your path.

There are some other problems that you may run into such as thin floors. Many thin floors that you find are going to be empty being that there is not enough space to put anything down. This is done because of how the floor is calculated into the game. The service that finds your paths is going to divide the world into 4x4x4 cubes that are going to be known as voxels. From there these voxels are going to be checked to see just how empty they are so that the path can be determined.

A voxel will be considered empty if it is less than sixteen percent full.
There are two solutions that you can use when you run into a thin floor. First you, you can try and make the floor thicker so that more room is taken up by the voxels. Or you can use the empty cutoff in order to lower the value of the voxels.
Using the emptycutoff is going to have its advantages because it will preserve the look of the level, but the paths on your level are going to be changed.

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